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Renew your hope for a better quality of life with human stem cell therapy. Research of stem cell therapies is being conducted across the country. Only a few pioneers like Dr. Zannos Grekos are successfully using adult stem cells to treat heart disease, and many other health problems. Until now, many of the diseases that have been untreatable are now remedial due to stem cell therapy.

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Through the stem cell therapy method, adult stem cells are being successfully used to treat COPD, heart disease and many other medical problems. Many patients that once had limited options are now finding viable solutions through stem cell therapies with Regenocyte.

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Human stem cell therapy research has been documented as effective. Many respected and qualified physicians are using the stem cell therapies for many inoperable diseases.


Stem cell therapy is not complicated or dangerous. A board certified cardiologist utilizes stem cell therapies in a smart, affordable, and simple way. A blood sample or bone marrow sample is taken from the patient and then transported to a laboratory where clinicians begin to grow additional adult stem cells from the patient's blood. The next phase of the human stem cell therapy procedure involves transplanting the cells into the area of the patient being treated. While adult stem cell therapy is not available in the US, it is being done successfully internationally.

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Stem cell therapy for damage caused by heart attacks and heart disease could save your life. If you are suffering from heart problems, stem cell therapies are a natural alternative to surgery and medications. The cells being regenerated are your own therefore it is not possible that your body would reject them during the stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is groundbreaking discovery and patients are taking full advantage of the procedure. Visit the stem cell therapies patient stories HERE and see how lives have already begun to change.

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